Africa, the largest continent after Asia with the second-highest population, is also known as the land of future opportunities. It is a vast continent with the most diverse countries globally and has humongous inland forests and amazing beaches. Africa is a growing tourist attraction in itself. Africa is also known as an adventurous place as you get to explore many things here. The motherland is full of rich culture, diverse heritage, unique experiences, and outstanding food.
Africa is best known for its pyramids, mountain ranges, people to places, and the ocean plains of Africa. Africa means something different to everyone, but the continent is well known for the Safaris.
Here is a brief about Africa. We present an Africa travel guide to encourage you to travel to this wonderland.

Please check necessary details about activities, attractions, hotels, restaurants, etc. before visiting there in light of Covid-19.

History Of Africa

Africa is rich with the history of humanity. Some early discoveries of human development are traced archaeologically in Africa. Africa has witnessed the rise and fall of many great civilizations and empires throughout its history. The oldest and longest-lived culture was of the Ancient Egyptians, known today for their pyramids and pharaohs. However, it wasn’t the Egyptian civilization only which developed in Ancient Africa. Other important cultures developed throughout the continent like Carthage, the Mali Empire, and the Kingdom of Ghana.

Most Visited Counties In Africa

It consists of 54 countries and ten territories at present. Some of the favourite Africa tourist places countries are:

1. Morocco

Morocco is one of the most visited countries in Africa. Morocco is a diverse country with beach resorts, mountain retreats, and vast desert landscapes, helping attract various types of travellers. Morocco’s culture is a great attraction, considering there is nowhere in the world quite like it. Few highlights of the country Morocco include Marrakesh, Fes, Essaouira.

2. Egypt

Egypt is the home to pyramids and ancient pharaohs. It’s a destination full of impressive temples and tombs, and it has been a great attraction for tourists for thousands of years.

3. South Africa

South Africa is one of the famous countries in Africa, and it includes the stunning city of Cape Town, Kruger National Park, wild beaches and beautiful landscapes. South Africa remains the most popular choice for a safari.

4. Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful city that offers terrific safaris experiences, a fantastic climate, and warm and friendly people. Apart from these magical attractions, Kenya has an oasis of opportunities that are perfect for investors.

5. Tunisia

It has been an attractive destination for tourists since the 1960s. Tunisian beaches are wide and surprisingly long. Most hotels are located further away from the city and feature a private beach for the guests only.

Top Things To See And Visit

1. Pay a visit to penguins

They are called African penguins in Africa. You will see penguins in South Africa and birds of a feather flock together with their colonies. You can find them on several islands, but these are two mainland locations in the Western Cape. Accessible from Cape Town. This is one of the best places to visit in Africa.

2. The Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

The Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya is one of the best ten vacation destinations in Africa, and each visitor has a drastically extraordinary experience when they visit. It is one of the most beautiful African Destinations.

3. Mount Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

Kilimanjaro is the highest point in Africa and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. For those seeking an adventure holiday, it is a great tourist attraction in Africa.

4. Foxy Beach

A pristine stretch of soft white sand and calm, warm waters are a few specialities of the Foxy beach. Here, you can swim in the ocean with the penguins but don’t try to keep up; they’ll outswim you by miles. They’re so friendly that they are known to join sunbathers on their beach towels!

5. Pyramids of giza

The pyramids of Giza in Egypt are what come to mind when you think of “Africa” and “pyramids.” Visitors worldwide come to explore the testament of an ancient civilization brought back to life along the river Nile through pyramids and tombs. The Giza pyramids are mostly solid, with only two passages that can move in and down into the pyramid.

6. Visit Pink Lake

If you want to get away from the city for a bit, Pink Lake could be a good option. It’s a 45-minute drive from downtown Dakarthat takes us to the Senegalese version of the Dead Sea. Pink Lake attracts various visitors every year as the Lake has algae living in the water, and there has to be natural salt. The algae are what causes the pink colour when the sun shines on the Lake. Overall, it constitutes a great experience.

7. Watch whales at Hermanus

The peak whale season runs from June to mid-December every year. The exact date depends on when the whales arrive and depart. One of the reasons is that the morning time is the best time of day for whale watching. Weather and ocean conditions are best around morning times. Being naturally curious, the whales often come right up to the boat. It is a magical experience to be treasured.

8. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, and Zambia

A majestic 108 meters high cascade of water is one of the top tourist attractions in Africa, and it is world-famous. Victoria Falls is a fascinating and stunning top ten vacation destination in Africa that is a list of must-do things for many individuals. Victoria Falls is a jointly owned tourist attraction and can be viewed and explored from either Zambia or Zimbabwe.

Africa Travel Costs

What makes Africa the right choice for tourism is it is not expensive compared to other continents. So, if you are on a budget but at the same time have a strong urge to travel, then you may opt to explore Africa. It would top your travel destination as it would give all the adventures and most remarkable experiences on a limited budget.


The private double room costs between (21-36 USD). Wi-Fi is standard, and many hotels also offer complimentary breakfast. Most of them allow you to camp on their grounds at a lower price if you have a tent. If you are looking for a hotel, double or twin room prices in budget hotels in big cities range from (41-65 USD) and are cheaper in more rural areas. For hotels that offer complimentary breakfast, expect to pay at least (50 USD).

Accommodation prices in Cape Town and Johannesburg and national parks will be higher. If you want to lower the cost, consider staying away from the city centre, inaccessible towns, and national parks when you go to the safari park.

For a dormitory with 10-20 beds, the hotel will cost you about (9-13 USD) per night, or four dormitories. For eight beds, it will cost you about ( US$14-20)per night.

The starting price of a shared house is about (10 USD) per night (while the average cost is (16-19 USD), while the price of an entire house or apartment is at least (50 USD ) although the price is close to (87 USD). For those wanting to stay in tents, there are campsites all over the country. Depending on the facility and location, expect to pay (5.50-22 USD) per night.


South African restaurants are very cheap. Dining at Nando’s or other fast-food chains costs about (2.70-4 USD) per person. There are also a few cafes where coffee and a small meal cost (4 USD). A 3-course meal with wine costs about (14 US dollars) per person in a better restaurant, and you can find some main dishes for less than (5.50 US dollars). The estimated beer price is (1.60-1.90 US dollars), and the cost of a water bottle is (0.60 US dollars).


All the tourist activities, which include entertainment, tickets for museums, and national parks, will not cost you more than US$20.


Like anywhere, personal transport in Africa is a blend of different modes. The most popular are motorcycle taxis, commuter taxis, private vehicles, auto-rickshaws, and non-motorized means like cycling and walking. You’ll find that people will go out of their way to make sure that you, as a visitor, are as comfortable and safe as possible. Public buses will usually cost between $3–$30, depending on how far you’re going.

Total Cost

Total budgeting depends on your choices. How you choose to travel Africa. How you want to spend your money and on what activities, hotels, and means of transportation but an approximate budget can be

A low budget can cost from US$ 40-50 per day.

A medium budget can cost from US$ 50 – 90 per day.

A reasonable budget can be from US$ 100-300 per day

Where To Eat In Africa

African food is considered a non-vegetarian meal that mainly comprises meat, seafood, and local herbs. Some of the famous restaurants in Africa are listed below:

1. Tindlovu Satara, Krueger national park

Famous for its African food and grilled food. Only serves breakfast which you can enjoy with a stunning view.

2. Sunshine Fusion, Mauritius

A classy restaurant that provides complimentary pick and drops services to its customers. They serve Indian, Asian, Seafood, and Fusion cuisine.

3. The Test Kitchen, Cape Town

Best restaurant ranked in Africa due to its new service. They serve Latin cuisine with a South African touch.

4. 2 Thai 4, Johannesburg

As the name suggests, it serves authentic Thai food as well as Asian cuisine.

Where To Stay In Africa

You have to choose your hotel rooms wisely, as you will spend most of the time here. After travelling, you must want to relax after so much exploring. Beautiful Africa will definitely make you fall in love with the flora and fauna around. So, we have brought you a list of some hotels you have to prefer while planning your trip:

1. Tree House, Zambia

Based against the basalt rock bed, amongst the branches of Ebony trees, this house has a pine deck that guarantees incredible views of the Zambezi River. The king-size bed has a large, canopied mosquito net with air conditioning, and you can use the extra space for private dining and lounging. Asian chests and West African artwork makes Tree House exotic. The front of the Tree House is completely open, making it a part of the surroundings where you can experience the beauty and majesty of Zambia.

2. Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, Zimbabwe

Safari Lodge is situated in Victoria Falls, within 5 km of the Victoria Falls Bridge. It’s a 4-star hotel with a garden, a terrace, and a bar. One can enjoy Shopping, visit Artist Village, dive in the Swimming pool at the hotel, and watch sunsets at Victoria Falls or relish massages at Spa. The restaurant here serves international cuisine. At the hotel, all rooms have a balcony. A continental breakfast is served daily at the property.

3. The Oyster Box, South Africa

The Oyster Box is one of South Africa’s most celebrated hotels, famous for its remarkable coastal views overlooking the Indian ocean and lighthouse. The Oyster Box offers 89 decorated rooms and suites, and you can indulge in an award-winning spa set within tropical gardens.

4. Azar Hotel, Cairo

Azar Hotel is centrally located and is 10 min walk from Egyptian Museum banks. The stylish rooms have views overlooking Cairo city.

The rooms have all the essential modern amenities. The hotel offers soft drinks all day free ( coffee/tea/mineral water/juice drink). This hotel can be said to be an excellent location for a stay in Central Cairo.

5. Onefortyeight, Kenya

They are located in the suburb of Langata, Nairobi, and bordering the Giraffe Sanctuary. This beautiful gem with eight rooms will provide an ideal location to rest and relax in serene surroundings. The place itself is unique, and Warthog and monkeys are freely seen in the garden. You can hear lions and hyenas from the Nairobi National park.

Need To Know


The currency for Africa is Rand, but it is better to carry US dollars or European euros. You can bring these currencies in cash or a traveller’s cheque. You can use your ATM cards or debit cards, or credit cards if you fall short of money.


Africa is a continent with approximately 60 countries. Each country has several languages. Although Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda have a host of native languages, English is commonly spoken and understood. In most East, Central and South Africa, you can get by using English, especially if you stay on the Tourist trail. Ethiopia and Kenya share a border, but their languages are entirely different. But nothing to worry about – the internet is a great leveller!!

If you ever decide on African tourism, this is the guide to stand by. Leave a comment if you already have been there and let us know your favourite places.