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Bahamas Travel Guide


Many towns and cities in the Bahamas are built near the sea, making it a naturalistically gifted destination. Here you will find the best of everything: the ocean breeze, the amazing underwater marine life, and fish. The Bahamas has over 700 islands. Bahamas’ weather is excellent all year round and stays relatively constant, with temperatures never dropping below 60 degrees even in winter. We have a travel guide for your convenience, including all the travel information and some critical travel advice and tips. This information will surely help you while planning your trip to the Bahamas. You can also look at our packing essential guide so that you might not forget anything while packing your bags for the journey. 

Please check necessary details about activities, attractions, hotels, restaurants, etc. before visiting there in light of Covid-19.

Most Visited Cities In bahamas

Below are some most visited and famous cities you can plan to visit on your vacation to The Bahamas. These will surely make your trip memorable for life.

1. Nassau

Nassau, the capital and most picturesque city of the Bahamas, is located on New Providence Island. The city is full of diverse cultures, and it is a mix of English, West African, and Haitian. Nassau is the most developed and populated island. Here, half of the country’s inhabitants live. You can choose from many luxury hotels and enjoy a range of water sports. You can be snorkelling or jet skiing here, as well as a variety of museums and restaurants.

2. Lucaya

Lucaya is the second-largest city in the Bahamas, and it is Grand Bahama Island, 160 km east of Fort Lauderdale. Lucaya is a popular tourist spot in the Bahamas, and there are many hotels, resorts and attractions in this area. Tourists can enjoy scuba diving and shark feeding dives as well as a dolphinarium.

3. Freeport

Freeport is the capital of Grand Bahama, the most beautiful island of the Bahamas. You can find all the activities a tourist to the Bahamas could want here. Participate in water sports, diving and gambling and many more. Grand Bahama is known as the Bahamas’ game fishing capital. The centre for beach lovers is Freeport, and it is known to the worldwide crowd.

4. Arawak Cay

Another beauty of the Bahamas is Arawak Cay, located on New Providence Island. Arawak Cay, a Land with over 30 seafood restaurants, is small enough to be called a city. You can find authentic Bahamian cuisine here, including conch salad, conch fritters and fried grouper. Arawak Cay hosts cultural events such as parades, live concerts, and festivals.

5. Paradise Island

Paradise Island, an island connecting New Providence via a bridge, is called Paradise Island. White sand beaches are available for travellers, and this city offers many water sports and has a wide range of accommodations. Find a wide range of tourist attractions here with some of the best resorts, restaurants and shopping centres in the country, and nightclubs.

Top Things To See And Visit

You’ll discover that this country offers so much more than just the tourist trails. Below we have got you a few famous attractions that are worth visiting during your trip to the Bahamas.

1. Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park

Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park boasts some of the most stunning seascapes in all of the Bahamas. The park, located in the eastern part of the Bahamas, is a marine protected area and no-take zone, and it’s the first such area in the Caribbean. Divers and boaters love this area for its quality anchorages, abundant marine wildlife, and clear waters. The most commonly visited place is the underwater paradise with private boats and live-aboard charters.

2. Bimini

Bimini Island, also known as the “High Seas Fishing Capital of Bahamas”, is located approximately 45 miles east of Miami in Florida. Bimini hosts high seas fishing tournaments very popularly from March through September. There are plenty of diving and snorkelling options. You can also see sharks and dolphins at Rainbow Reef, Sapona and Arrecife Victoria. Bimini is a popular tourist attraction.

3. Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama is the northernmost island of the Bahamas. It is a popular choice for cruisers and package tourists. It is possible to avoid crowds despite the presence of large tourist centres and hotels on the island. Grand Bahama has the most extensive system of underwater caves globally, and nature lovers can observe many species of native birds in three national parks. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Bahamas.

4. Treasure Cay Beach, Great Abaco Island

Treasure Cay Beach lies on the eastern shores of Great Abaco. It is one of the most beautiful beaches worldwide. Visitors love to soak in the creamy, crescent-shaped coast with its flour-soft sand. Treasure Cay is an upscale resort community that hosts one of the most renowned fishing tournaments in the Bahamas.

5. Blue Lagoon Island

Blue Lagoon Island offers many attractions, including dolphin encounters, sea-lions, inflatable fun parks and beautiful white-sand beaches. This private, attraction-packed island, also known as Salt Cay, is famous on a cruise to the Bahamas. You can reach it by boat in about five minutes from Nassau. It is a great place to relax with your entire family. The lagoon is a great place to take your kids for a swim in the turquoise waters or play in the inflatable water park.

Bahamas Travel Costs

Thoughtful planning will help you get more for your money while you enjoy the best of everything the Bahamas has. This guide may help, but be ready to spend some money on your trip.


The Bahamas can be expensive for lodging. There are few hostels in the Bahamas, and you will find budget hotels and guest houses at reasonable prices. For a four-six bedroom, a bed costs 30 BSD ($30 US) per night. However, it can cost as much as 40 BSD ($40 US) per night. For 80 BSD (80 USD) per person, a small double room with an ensuite bathroom is available for around 80 BSD (80 USD) per night. The nightly rate for a two- or three-star hotel room with an ensuite bathroom starts at 120 BSD ($120 US). A few Airbnb properties are available in the Bahamas. Shared accommodation (such as a couch in a shared area) starts at 40 BSD ($40 US) per night. A private room costs 100 BSD (USD 100) per evening, while an apartment costs about 178 BSD ($178 US) per night.


Restaurants will offer a large plate of delicious seafood, including conch fritters, potato salad, Bahamian macaroni and cheese, as well as a vast selection of Caribbean staples, peas, rice, and potato salad. Prices start at 12 BSD ($12 US). A breakfast of grits can be purchased at a food stand for 3 BMD ($3 US), and a plate of fish tacos, chicken wings or chicken wings from a truck will cost you 10 BMD ($10). You’ll be paying 8-15 BSD ($8-15 US) for a meal like jerk chicken or clam chowder at a casual eatery. For a burger and fries at a Western restaurant, you’ll pay 15 BSD ($15USD), while for USD 8 at McDonald’s, it will cost 8 BSD ($8). You can enjoy fine dining at a resort or high-end eatery for around 30-40 BSD (about $30-40 USD). You will need a beer to accompany it, which costs approximately 4 BSD ($4 US).


The average cost of entertainment and activities in the Bahamas is BS$30 per person per day, including admission tickets to museums, attractions, day trips, and other expenses.


You can take private minibuses (also called jitneys) anywhere in Nassau for fares as low as 1.25-2.50 BSD ($1.25-2.50 US). Taxis in the Bahamas are reliable and safe. The base rate for taxis in the Bahamas is 4.50 BSD ($4.50 US), with an additional 2.02 BSD ($2.02 US) per kilometre. The flight from Nassau-Eleuthera takes approximately 20 minutes and costs 104 BSD ($104 US). While Nassau-George Town (Exuma) is a 40-minute flight that costs 132 BSD ($132 US), it takes just 132 BSD ($132 US).

Total Cost

The suggested budget for backpacking in the Bahamas is 80 AWG (USD 80) per day, covering your hostel, some daily buses and fast food, cooking some meals, and visiting the pirate museum.
A budget of 200 AWG ($200 US) is a reasonable budget for staying in an Airbnb or budget hotel, covering eating at affordable restaurants and participating in activities such as a sailing trip.
You can stay at a resort or hotel, fly between islands, have all your meals taken out, drink lots, and enjoy various activities such as diving. You can also swim with the process if you spread your activities budget.





Where To Eat In Bahamas

To help you on your trip to The Bahamas, we have got you a list of few handy restaurants you can try here. A fish fry is one of the most affordable ways to eat in the country. Restaurants will offer a large plate of delicious seafood, including conch fritters, potato salad, Bahamian macaroni and cheese, as well as a massive selection of Caribbean staples, peas, rice, and potato salad. Fast food options like Jamaican-style patties are cafes and bakeries speciality. These fantastic restaurants offer authentic Bahamian cuisine and international cuisines.

1. cafe matisse

The cafe offers casual gourmet dining. Inspired by Henri Matisse’s artworks and menu, this cafe captures the artist’s whimsical but elegant style. Cafe Matisse provides a beautiful dining experience, no matter what your occasion. It would be best if you tried their al dente pasta or the lamb shank, which is so tender that it can throw it off the bone. Also, the local hogfish and the octopus starter are delicious. This cafe is a romantic spot with excellent service and delicious food.

2. santanna's bar and grill

Santanna’s bar and grill is a great place to stop by if you’re island-hopping in Great Exuma. It’s possible to see lemon sharks passing by. Deep-fried lobsters are lightly seasoned and buttery sweet when paired with almost-candied onion. Bahamian rice and peas often go with bacon or salted pork: crack conch, shrimp and prawns.

3. tropic beach bar and grill

It serves delicious seafood dishes with Caribbean and Bahamian influences. This seafood platter, which includes shrimp, lobster bites and grouper fingers, can be grilled, poached or fried and served with rice and peas. You can try their cheeseburgers, Caribbean Jerk Wings, and orange chicken if you are looking for juicy, flavorful meat.

4. 1648 - a land restaurant

It offers elegant indoor and outdoor seating that overlooks the breathtaking view of Cupid’s Cay or Governor’s Harbor. It is a beautiful place to eat, especially before sunset. You will always find fresh seafood when you order from them. One of their specialities is the lobster bisque made with a roux and not a cream base. Conch chowder comes in a variety of flavours, including red pepper, garlic and potatoes.

5. oh andros

Oh, Andros serves Bahamian and Caribbean seafood dishes. The portions are generous, and you will find large quantities of food at Oh Andros. You and your group can choose from plenty of options, and it would be best if you tried their crispy snapper with rice, peas, coleslaw, conch fritters, and Bahama Mama for an alcoholic drink.

Where To Stay In Bahamas

Your days in the Bahamas can be full of relaxation or excitement, so make sure your accommodation is equally happening. We have got you a list of few handpicked accommodation options which can surely make your trip worthwhile.

1. Rollezz Villas Beach Resort

Rollezz Villas Beach resort is located in Old Bight and offers a restaurant and a private beach. Find air conditioning and a private patio in the accommodations with a fully equipped kitchenette with a microwave, a fridge and a freezer. The private bathroom has a shower and also includes a bathtub or a shower. The room has a sea view and a mountain view. You can do many activities on the property or nearby, such as snorkelling, fishing, hiking, and snorkelling.

2. Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach All Inclusive

This resort sits on the Atlantic Ocean’s private beach. Two hundred seventy-four rooms offer stunning views. Every room at Viva Fortuna Beach All Inclusive is air-conditioned and has a private balcony that views the ocean or a garden. All rooms have a satellite TV and a private bath. Viva’s restaurants Junkanoo and Bamboo, Viva La Pizza, and Viva Cafe offer a variety of international and local cuisines. You can also enjoy a relaxing massage on the beach or a sauna.

3. Hilton at Resorts World Bimini

Hilton at Resorts World Bimini offers an infinity pool and stunning views of the Marina. It is located right on North Bimini’s beach. All rooms have free Wi-Fi. Modern suites and deluxe rooms overlook the Marina, or the resort features hardwood floors and marble top double sinks. Some have a private patio. Hemingway’s restaurant serves casual meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is also a boutique Casino with 150 slot machines and table games.

4. Nathan's Lodge

This charming accommodation is on a private beach, south-east Andros. It offers air-conditioned rooms and free Wi-Fi and is in Kemp’s Bay. Sports fishing is possible in the surrounding waters, which are rich in bonefish. Nathan’s Lodge has bright rooms with satellite TV and a private bath. There are also rooms with a kitchenette. They offer American cuisine as well as local specialities like freshly caught fish or conch. The garden is also home to tropical drinks.

5. Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas

This Galliot Cay resort is located on a 6.4km talcum powder sand beach and offers a 5-hour tour of Long Island. Each Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort accommodation has a private patio, and each unit has a fridge and coffee maker. A fully-equipped kitchen is present in the villa. The resort offers activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving and fishing on the flats. Guests can enjoy beachcombing and shell at Beach Resort Cape Santa Maria.

how to get around In Bahamas

Air and Water are the best means of getting around the city. Many connecting flights fly from Nassau International Airport to other Out Islands. You can also travel to other islands by yachts, cruises, and ferry through Nassau. You can either rent a car or a bike to explore the city, and the Bahamas does not allow you to travel by bus or rail.

1. Car Rentals

Car rentals are the best way to get around, even though many roads are poorly constructed and often jammed. To rent a car, you must have a valid international or foreign driving license. After that time, you will need to get a permit from Nassau’s Road Traffic Department. Driving is to your left. There are many local and international car-rental agencies located in Nassau, Freeport, and the Family Islands. The minimum age to get a driving licence in the Bahamas is 17, and Renters must be 21 years old to rent a car.

2. Taxi

Taxis in the Bahamas are reliable and safe, and they are available in Nassau and Freeport but more minor in smaller towns. You can request a cab using the Bahamas Ride app.

3. Bus

You can take private minibuses (also called jitneys) anywhere in Nassau. This means of transport is a straightforward service, and there’s no set route or timetable, and you’ll need to ask the driver where you want to go. As soon as you get off the bus, you will pay in exact change. Freeport also offers jitneys that run between Port Lucaya & Freeport at night, but they are not always available.

4. By Air

Flying between islands is easy and convenient, particularly in remote areas. There are around 24 such airports that facilitate flying from one island to another. Although there are many flights between islands, the central hub is Nassau. Several airlines operate within the islands, including Western Air, SkyBahamas and Pineapple Air.

5. By Water

You can also hop between islands using ferries, and Bahamas Ferries is the only interisland ferry operator operating in the Bahamas. The government licenses mail boats to transport mail, passengers, and freight to all inhabited islands. Call the DockmasterIs Office or check with the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism for the most current schedules and prices.

when to go

The Bahamas has almost year-round sunshine and an average temperature of 26 to 32 degrees C. You can visit the Bahamas throughout the year. The peak tourist season is from mid-December through late April. Expect to see large crowds at beaches and other attractions. Although the period between May and November is rainier than the rest of the year, it’s not enough to stop anyone from having fun, relaxing, and enjoying the day. The Bahamas has a pleasant climate in January, February and March. April, November, December, and April are the best months to visit. January, February and March are the best months to visit Nassau.

Need To Know


The Bahamian dollar is the official currency of Nassau, Bahamas. The Bahamian money and US Dollar are tied together, which makes them both constantly equivalent. The currency is recognised as the US Dollar in many areas of Nassau Paradise Island. Visitors who wish to convert US dollars for Bahamian Dollars should use ATMs to withdraw cash, and they often have the lowest exchange rates.


English is the official and national language of the Bahamas. The Bahamas is a popular tourist destination that attracts visitors from around the globe. It is possible to communicate with Bahamians with a basic understanding of English.

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