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Most Beautiful Islands To Visit In The World

We should all agree upon this that life is good, but island life is better. Many discerning travellers have made the top of their bucket lists the most beautiful islands in the world. The islands are breezy aesthetic vibes, and after all, they are islands. Who doesn’t like them? Not all islands are the same. Beautiful beaches with some good music and the beloved company are all you need for a vacation. These islands have stunning topography, beautiful beaches,and fascinating cultures, and they have something for everyone.
Here we are, with a checklist of the best islands in the world to visit when you need to feel blessed being born on this planet!

1. Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It is renowned for its beauty at first sight, and it belongs to the continent of Africa. The 115 granite and coral islands are the tops of an enormous underwater plateau, and they are a focal point of many tropical island fantasies. The stunning scenery includes granitic mountain ranges. It covered virgin jungle and palm-fringed beaches with sand. Seychelles welcomes discerning travellers by offering luxury resorts and adventure in beautiful surroundings, an incredible still unspoiled man.

   Reasons to put in your bucket list-

  • You can see the rare black parrot only in Seychelles.
  • As we mentioned about the topography, the activity that will drive you crazy is Scuba-diving.
  • Any Rum fans in here- There is a unique Takamaka Bay distillery where you can visit to see the age-old rum-making process.
  • Want to see pink sand? Anse Source D’Argent, situated on the island of La Digue, is famously known for it.

2. Bali

Bali is a renowned island in Indonesia. Have you read “Eat Pray Love”? It was Bali that gave people food for their spirituality. It is called the “Island of the Gods”. Bali is home to lively and highly spiritual culture; thus, it is called the “island with a thousand temples”. Bali hosts the most luxurious resorts on the planet. You will find sea temples, directional and many other attractions.

Reasons to put in your bucket list-

  • Uluwatu and Tannah lot sea temples- They are a bliss to be.
  • The green luscious rice plantation alongside the roads will make your walk to the market places worth it.
  • Ubud Art Market for handmade handicrafts with woods etc. are your go-to souvenirs.

3. Santorini (Greece)

Santorini, Greece‘s most stunning island, is a mixture of whitewashed villages, towering black cliffs, and inky waters. Santorini is a lovely place to visit and is the spectacular scenery of whitewashed houses, and it has the backdrops of the shimmering Aegean waters. A fun fact- In the 16th century, the volcanic eruption made it the way it is today. In summer, there are many visitors, which causes congestion, overcrowding of restaurants, and high prices. Spring is a beautiful time to visit Santorini, especially for wildflowers.

Reasons to put in your bucket list-

  • Interesting Open-air cinema.
  • Winery and microbrewery for all alcohol-lovers.
  • Cooking competitions and culture that is apt for any foodie.

4. Bora Bora (french Polynesia)

Bora Bora Island is a land-based on a dormant volcano, and its lagoon resembling the artist’s palette is love. The lush tropical valleys and slopes are adorned with hibiscus, while palms. Just like a delicate necklace illuminate the lagoon. The white-sand beaches overlapped with emerald waters, where colourful fish greet the manta rays and animate coral gardens. Luxurious over-water bungalows located over the world’s most beautiful lagoon with a tropical backdrop make Bora Bora a top visiting destination for couples.

Reasons to put in your bucket list-

  • Famous for its scuba diving, fishing, jetskiing, kite-boarding and activities. You will have a lot to do here.
  • Renowned for its Bloody Mary cocktail.
  • A romantic walk on Matira beach.

5. Maldives

The Maldives is undoubtedly the most beautiful island destination globally and has been referred to as paradise by sun worshippers, celebrities, and scuba divers. They are visible coral tips from an oceanic volcano mountain range, whose outer edge can plunge to greater depths of 3 km/1,8 mi. The Maldives has stunning ribbons of powdery-soft, white sand, pristine blue lagoons, unique underwater wildlife, and luxurious resorts that each have their own. This extinct volcano island is so famous that you might even spot a Bollywood star somewhere.

Reasons to put in your bucket list-

  • Sun-kissed beach selfies.
  • Spa-treatment that will relax your mind and body.
  • Whale-Dolphin watching can make you wonder why haven’t you been here before.

6. Vancouver Island (Canada)

Vancouver Island(Canada) is a submerged mountain range exposed at the top with its windswept beaches and rugged headlands towards the northern tip. It’s a paradise for outdoor lovers, and it’s possible to kayak along tranquil beaches or backpack through majestic wilderness parks. While barefoot walking along the softly curving beaches and gazing at distant snowcapped mountains, you can also ride down mountain bike trails and big surf waves, all while enjoying the fresh ocean breezes and the scent of old-growth rainforests.

Reasons to put in your bucket list-

  • Wild and untamed beaches to put you in mother nature’s lap
  • Home of chocolates and custard bars.

7. La Reunion

La Reunion is one of the last great islands in the Indian Ocean. With mostly widespread French identity, dramatic natural scenery, and a rich melting pot culture, it never fails to amaze you. It is not like its neighbour Mauritius, which is a beach paradise. The island features emerald forests and tumbling waterfalls, and there are also breathtaking mountainscapes and inspiring panoramas. Piton de la Fournaise is a formidable active volcano that adds excitement.

Reasons to put in your bucket list-

  • Best island infrastructure to exist on the planet.
  • The mystery of Flight MH370, which disappeared, harbours its secrecy here.
  • Famous for shark attacks acts a thrill for many tourists.

8. Sicily (Italy)

St. Lucia is a beautiful, darkly-coloured island. Its best assets, unlike other Caribbean islands, are not its beaches. However, with their golden sands, graceful palms, and warm welcome, they are trendy among those who visit. The island is rich in topographic drama. The magnificent Pitons, twin volcanic peaks that tower over the lush landscapes, rise more than 700m above the sea and provide a stunning backdrop to the breathtaking scenery.

Reasons to put in your bucket list-

  • Mount Etna and Mount Stromboli are two famous volcanoes to visit.
  • A cruise ship to Sicily is a beautiful experience.

9. St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a beautiful, darkly-coloured prevalent unique island. Its best assets, unlike other Caribbean islands, are not its beaches. However, with their golden sands, graceful palms, and warm welcome, they are prevalent among those who visit. The island is rich in topographic drama. The magnificent Pitons, twin volcanic peaks that tower over the lush landscapes, rise more than 700m above the sea and provide a stunning backdrop to the breathtaking scenery.

Reasons to put in your bucket list-

  • A dreamy stay at luxurious but affordable resorts.
  • The springtime St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival is for music lovers and adrenaline junkies.

10. Kauai (Hawaii usa)

Kauai (Hawaii USA), a small rainy island in the Hawaiian archipelago, is found. Kauai is also known as the Garden Island, and it is home to stunning beaches, wild landscapes, and complete serenity. The island also has the Waimea Canyon (often called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”) and the mysterious Mount Waialae. This extinct volcano erupted 5,000 years ago, renowned for its spectacular waterfalls and mist-covered peaks.

Reasons to put in your bucket list-

  • Beautiful Waimea canyon
  • Kee Beach, Secret Beach are some beaches you must visit.

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