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10 Best Pet-Friendly Hotels and Resorts Your Dog (And You) Will Love

Travelling can be a fretting experience for pet lovers as you face separation anxiety when you have to leave your little pooch back home or bribe your neighbours with expensive wines and gifts to look after your pet. These days are over. Probably nowadays, we have some of the best vacation stays that treat your pets ideally, and we recommend these hotels all over the globe as they are pet-friendly.

The hotels have made it convenient for travellers to bring their pets. Many luxury properties are pampering the canines with top services like grooming your pet by a top stylist, designer wear, and a dining menu to make your pet feel special. And this makes their hotels unique at the same time and stand out in the list of hotels as then they can be called “Pet friendly Hotels”.
So, here is the list of the world’s most famous pet-friendly hotels and resorts that will not only make your vacation special but also make it a memorable one.

1. Fairmont Hotel, Vancouver, Canada

This hotel in Vancouver is called the “castle of the city.” They treat your pup with royalty. On arrival, the puppies get greeted by the staff dogs. This hotel provides a gift package for your pet, including a leather collar, a matching leash, and a drive to the dog park, an hour-long photo shoot. Once your pet is back from the garden, he gets served by room service from the canine menu.

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2. Le Bristol, Paris, France

This pet-friendly hotel in France is known for its elegant Parisian lifestyle and historical grandeur. They give your pets the most luxurious and comfortable stay. The mat they provide for your pet has their names embroidered on it and a handcrafted bed for them. Everything that they offer customizes with your pet’s name, including the gourmet. They provided an in-room dining menu with delicacies like grilled steaks and roasted baby vegetables, and chilled Evian mineral water gets served in a silver bowl. To know more about hotels and restaurants in France, Europe you can check out our Europe tour guide.


3. Yufuin Garden Hotel Japan

For each one of us, our pets have a special place in our hearts, and each one wants to give them the best. We all would love our pets to experience a Japanese hot spring bath, and this is the place that offers you all the dog cafes, dog hairdressers, dog yoga, and exercise area.

4. Ritz Carlton, New York ,central Park,Usa

New York City defines its elegant lifestyle at the Ritz Carlton. This hotel is a blend of Manhattan’s history and New York’s modernity, plus it has features of modern amenities with a beautiful city and a central park view. The pets receive special treats. Bowls bed and they are pretty pet-friendly.

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5. The Langham, Sydney, Austalia

Langham offers five-star service for its visitors and their pets, and this is the only hotel in Sydney that welcomes your pet.
Langham Sydney is at the harbourside, one of the best locations in Sydney. The property is facing the historical rocks. It’s a place for tranquillity and peace on arrival, and your pet gets showered with gifts. They also provide pedicures, facials, and grooming sessions for your pet. They also serve pet afternoon tea, in-room photoshoots with your pet. It’s an ideal place to celebrate occasions for your pet.
The Langham gives you the Australian most luxurious package and the much-needed pampering for your pet. To know more about Australian food, restaurants and hotels
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Australia’a travel guide for more info.

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6. Ani Thailand

If you plan to spend time with your pet along the shoreline amidst the greenery, this is the perfect stay. The property depicts the designs of Thailand’s temples. The property stretches at 2 acres of the area along the white sand shoreline, giving you a feel that the villa is your private sanctuary. The wooden interiors and tactile fabrics of 10 room villas exude elegance. They provide you to get your chefs to pamper you and your pets. You can go for bike tours, take your pets to the pool or the beach and sip your drinks. They provide caretakers and dog walkers, and they look after your pets exceptionally well.

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7. Portugal Belmond Reid's Palace Madeira

The pet-friendly resort is on the Portuguese island of Madeira. It opened in 1891, and since then, it has had a list of notable guests like Winston Churchill and George Bernard Shaw. You will receive VIP treatment, and so will your pet. In the resort, they have a place designed for your pets called the puppy palace. It’s a haven for your pets where their comforts are carefully considered, from luxury wash to dry service to calming and grooming, physiotherapy, and training sessions for puppies. The canine menu features beef stew, hearty meatballs, salmon rolls, veggies, and steamed rice.

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8.The Glen Eden Resort Colorado

Suppose you are looking to escape the hustle-bustle of everyday life and looking forward to some adventure and relaxation and spending time with your family and pup. In that case, this beautiful pet-friendly resort getaway lies 18 miles north of the steamboat. Here you can explore nature and wonders at the EIK river valley. You can go fishing here or hike with your pet to Mount zirkel. If you visit in winters, you and your pet enjoy the snow as it receives more snow at an elevation of 7,200 ft. They are pet-friendly, and they attend to your pets and look after you are on a hike or out.

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9. Rosewood Phuket

One of the most luxurious eco-friendly hotels with innovative architecture that features 600 meters of beachfront at emerald bay and blends with nature’s landscape, offering every guest an experience of Thai paradise. The privacy and seclusion make you feel that you are on an island with your pup. The beautiful forest hillside with crystal clear ocean view is breathtaking.
You get to spend time with your pet in serenity. This atmosphere provides dog walking service thrice a day, an exquisite menu for your pup, leash grooming sessions by artists and a photoshoot with your pet. They are known for their best services.

10. Dalhouseie office Cottages Dal (Himachal Pradesh, India)

It is a quaint little villa in beautiful Dalhousie, famous for its apple orchards, forest trails, wild daisies, and pet shelters. Made of glass, stone, and wood, it has the most significant height and panoramic views of the Dhauladhar Pir Panjal mountain range.

This 1,500-square-foot lot is suitable for pets, but the guidelines recommend putting them aside and getting a bird’s eye view. Bears are everywhere in the surrounding forests and hills. Please bring your walking shoes when visiting Dalhousie Retreat Cottages, because the hotel is very convenient to walk 4 kilometres near Bacroth Hill. Hajar Ranch and Kalatop Forest Reserve are ideal places for walking pets, and they are very close to Dalhousie, perfect for a picnic.

To know more about Asia’s top-rated restaurants and hotels, you can read the Asia travel guide as well.

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