Ten Tips If You Like Travelling Solo

Often travelling is considered therapeutic. But travelling alone is one of the scariest yet liberating experiences. It is one experience that everyone should have before they die, and it pushes you out of your comfort zones and lifts the pressure of what others might think of you.

There are so many movies that can tell you shades of travelling alone. Imtiaz Ali’s TAMASHA creates characters like Ved and Tara, who meet as strangers in Corsica. Initially started with a solo trip, the individuals collide for a story that is now a classic.

Or just like Elizabeth Gilbert from EAT, PRAY, LOVE. A woman with lost and loose ends of her relationship and career decides to travel alone to three different places. Italy, Bali and India. Different cultures, different experiences. It shapes your personality, and you might even become a completely transformed person. If you haven’t read the novel or seen the movie with beautiful Julia Roberts as the lead, you should do it right away.

We are coming back to what we promised. If you enjoy having solo trips to places unknown, these are ten tips that might be helpful for your next adventure.

1. Safety comes first

At all times, whatever you do, there has to be a balance between having fun and keeping in mind that you are on your own. Safety is crucial and shouldn’t be overlooked for any desirable endeavours. To ensure that you are safe, read up on the place you are travelling to. There are only a few countries which you can count on your fingertips for lower crime rates. Japan, the Netherlands and other Scandinavian countries are considered the safest. Thus, make sure you completely understand the kind of culture and safety mobile numbers in that particular region.

Use technology at its best. Avoid social media posting on your current location. The posting likes, and comments can wait. When you are back home, you can post all the beautiful pictures. If you want to drink, join a pub crawl. Try to be sober most of the time.

2. Proper planning & to the point Packing

Once you read about the place you are visiting, you will learn about the weather conditions. To pack warm clothes for a chilling climate or pack lightweight clothes for hot weather would get sorted if you plan. If you are travelling to Rajasthan, the days are hot, but the nights are cold, so you need to pack accordingly. Do check out the essential travel checklist that we have already made for you. If the planning is top-notch, you will have less hassle while having the perks of travelling solo.

Also, Plan but don’t over plan. Cut-to-cut itineraries won’t give you enough space to linger in a shopping market or sip that coffee over a sunset. Be flexible with it. Sometimes unplanned experiences can get you lessons for life.

3. Important Documents Check

If travelling to another country, keep your Passport and Visa(if there) extremely safe. While travelling, don’t keep it in the side bag as most of the time there is a problem with snatchers and it can get lost. Instead of keeping the originals with you, you can always photocopy all your important documents like Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Passport and even Visa. A pro tip here’s never to use a side bag as the chances of snatching can be high. Instead, use a small handy backpack. When you are in public or a crowded place, shift the backpack to the front of your chest. Make sure these essential documents are attached to your body at all times when out roaming and exploring new places.

4. Give some time to the Logistics

Taking a solo trip should be on everyone’s bucket list(P.S only if your parents allow. Pun intended). The pain is confirmed when you want to, but you are not permitted. The ones we are talking about, come in the category of people who fear; and it is the fear of the unknown. Thus, you can face fear if you know things beforehand.

Spend some time online learning about the little logistical things. It includes the best way to get to and from the airport. There are various transit options like the dedicated airport trains outside the US. Why spend on taxis everywhere if you know local routes. Know where you can get tickets to trams and go through subways and look for trains. See how far is the location of your stay and other sites you want to visit. In short, take a look at the accessibility.

5. Arrive in the Mornings

This tip is again to make sure you are safe. Arriving at your travel destination at night can be a problem if you have no means of transportation and avoid coming at night. Instead, book your tickets in a way where you will travel through a sleeper coach and plan the next whole day accordingly.

6. Take Travel insurance

We know you think you don’t need it. Most of us miss this one just because we want to take responsibility for the mess you make. We know this might sound sarcastic but trust us, we want you to take the travel insurance seriously. Don’t forget that you are paying for the delightful experiences and not for the disruptions. An emergency doesn’t knock and come in your way. It just happens, and for such unforsaken times, you need to be ready. What if you miss a flight? Or the luggage you are carrying gets misplaced? You never know what happens. And all of it is covered in insurance policies. We urge you to read the terms and conditions of any policy very carefully. You will save a fortune if you let the insurance take care of the unforeseen scenarios.

7. Meet and Greet

Learn the local language. Basics like greetings of the day, how are you, how much, Where to, and small phrases like these can take you a long way to make connections. If not, smile and ask for help. Being proactive will help. The more connections you make, the more the safety aspect is covered. Another benefit is that locals will let you know where you can get things for cheap or where you can get the local cuisine.

Don’t trust people too quickly. But remember that the world is not the wrong place, and you will find too good people on the contrary. You have to trust your gut and get acquainted with the culture.

8. Difference between alone and lonely

Just because you are alone on the trip doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. The main motive is to know yourself better—your strengths, weaknesses, and everything that makes you. When you travel alone, you need to eat alone, see places alone, sleep alone.

You are your best friend. It is a universal fact that everyone forgets in the fast-paced tech world. There is nothing wrong with being alone. The self-talk has to be positive, which will shine as confidence in your character’s armour.
Give yourself that initial space to get your groove of a solo trip.

9. Journaling

We honestly feel that writing is the best way to pour out what you think. It will organise your thoughts and remember how you felt after years when you opened them. Write down what you think about the people, food, any specific incident. You can even use an instant camera or even a good camera mobile to take a picture and attach it below your written part. Also you can carry your favourite book to pass leisure time as books are your best friend.

These days, if you are not into writing, you can open your mobile and start a vlog. Put it on Youtube, and if you get enough views, you can earn from it. Vlogging is a digital form of journaling. If you can, go for it.

10. Curiosity and Learning

If you are a curious cat, the chances are that you will be a great learner too. Learn new things. Every place has its unique point. Find it. Start learning. Ask as many questions as you get. It’s the best process to follow for learning. Add value to your knowledge. Listen actively. Try walking around the city. It will ensure you meet new people and use your communication skills with them. Enjoy the freedom while you are taking care of yourself.

To conclude, one most important piece of advice is to use your common sense. Though it’s familiar, it’s not very likely that everyone uses it. Don’t go to isolated places, and you don’t want to be amongst those 0.009% people who attract problems. Solo trips are rejuvenating and indeed therapeutic. So make sure you fulfil the motive of having utmost fun. Eat well and stay at a good place.

Please make sure you check out our blogs and travel guides to have a detailed knowledge of whichever destination you are travelling to—comment on how you liked these tips and share with us the ones you follow.

Until next time, Adios Amigos!

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