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The Niagara Falls: You Surely Can’t Miss

The falls are on the border of Ontario, Canada, and New York State, U.S.A. For decades, Niagara falls have been a popular attraction for honeymooners and other stunts, such as walking on tightropes over the falls or riding over them in barrels. The lure of the falls is increasing in popularity due to its uniqueness and beauty as a physical phenomenon. The sight of water spilling down from the sky will excite you. Niagara Falls is a popular tourist attraction in the U.S./Canada region.

Here is a list of best things to do in Niagara falls:

Things To Do In Niagara Falls, Canada

1. The Old Fort Niagara

The Old Niagara Fort, located in one of the most picturesque locations near Niagara Falls, is the longest-running fort in the U.S.A. This fort has a rich history, playing an essential role in the American Revolution, French Wars, and Indian Wars. To step back in time, visit the gunpowder rooms and prisons, as well as the old army barracks and the ancient canons.

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2. Niagara Aquarium

Take a tour to learn about the many aquatic species that you will find in the Niagara Area. You can see and learn about more than 300 marine species and 30 educational exhibits. The Aquarium’s famous sea lion show and harbor seal presentations are on display. Penguin feeding sessions are also available, and it is one of the most amazing shows.

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3. Castellani Art Museum

The Castellani family founded this museum in 1976 to promote the Arts at Niagara University. It now houses approximately 5600 permanent art exhibits that span a range of periods from the 1850s through the present. The museum’s collection includes paintings, drawings, and photos, as well as pre-Columbian ceramics.

4. Niagara Falls View Casino

Play cards and try your luck at the Niagara Fallsview Casino. Enjoy a night at the Casino and explore the remarkable views of Niagara Falls. Although entry to the Casino is free, don’t be surprised if your wallet gets lighter at the end.

5. Butterfly Conservatory

If you love vibrant colors, this Butterfly Conservatory is a must-see on the way to Niagara Falls. While you stroll down the climate-controlled rain forests, thousands of butterflies will surround you.

6. Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden near Niagara Falls is a stunning place to take photos for Instagram. It is a beautiful place to visit near Niagara Falls, Canada. It boasts an extensive collection of vibrant flora & fauna, and this is one of the most beautiful places in Canada.

7. MistRider Zipline

The most fantastic way for humans to fly across the skies is without wings! You will also be able to see Niagara Falls on the way. The MistRider Zipline is a thrilling option for thrill-seekers, and it takes you to Grand View Marketplace’s Falls. The world-class attraction will be open from April to November for adventurers over seven years old, who weigh between 30 and 130 kgs, and who want to try it out.

Experience the Falls

~ Helicopter Ride

Enjoy a 20-minute flight above the incredible Niagara Falls, historic landmarks, and  Niagara’s famed wine country. It’s all there in a way that is impossible to see from the ground. Keep your camera with you. Couples who want more privacy can fly the stunning 20-minute Niagara Grand Tour in their private helicopter. You can even enjoy a wedding in the sky with a commemorative marriage certificate, a minister for the ceremony, and a bottle of champagne. You can also experience the winery flight, which is specially designed for Niagara’s top vineyards, and will take you to some of Niagara’s most prestigious vineyards.

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~ Falls Boat Tour

Voyage to the Falls boat trip takes guests on a 20-minute journey that will be unforgettable. You will see the Niagara Gorge, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls from the boat. Also, you’ll come face-to-face with the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. You will feel the thundering roar, extraordinary power, and incredible mist that accompany these natural wonders. Or, you can ride after sunset to enjoy a light-mist experience with the illumination at the Falls.

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~ Incline Railway

The Falls Incline Railway connects Table Rock’s Niagara Parks attractions with the Fallsview Tourist Area, including hotels and the Fallsview Casino Resort. The Railway makes it possible for riders to reach the “Bridge of Flowers,” a pedestrian crossing of the Niagara Parkway leading into Table Rock. Accessible year-round, climate-controlled, and fully accessible, buy tickets at the Incline’s top and bottom or visit a Niagara Parks Ambassador.

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~ Falls from Behind

Journey Behind the Falls lets you witness the majestic white waters of Niagara Falls from a different perspective. Start by taking an elevator to the observation deck at Horseshoe Falls and American Falls. Then, follow the caverns to see the stunning scenes of the roaring waters from different angles. The most popular way to see the waterfalls is through the Journey Behind the Falls, and it’s much more enjoyable than the cramped tunnels.

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When to go?

June through August is the best time to visit Niagara Falls. Summer is the peak season. You will spend more and meet more people, but summer allows you to enjoy the best of both weather and attractions. Peak season means peak rates. Book at least two to three months ahead if you plan to stay overnight to get the best hotel deals. Many attractions are closed during winter due to below-freezing temperatures. It is cold and lonely between December and March. However, it can also be very economical. You can find great deals with very few attractions.

Now imagine watching these falls with someone you love, someone who cares about you. This experience will enhance it tenfold if you share these moments with someone special. The flowing waters and the sound that follows will make you think of life incidents you wish you had control over. The whole scenario would be aesthetic and perfect for a date.

Do let us know your experience if you have already been there. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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