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Top 12 Tourist Attractions In London

London is the most visited centre in Europe, attracting around 25 million viewers every year. The city of the Romans has a very rich historical culture. It is quite diverse, being one of the most iconic cities in the world to visit and one of the most expensive cities, One of the world’s best beach is also found in Europe to know about it you can read our world’s best beach article. London attractions  has a lot to offer for visitors to see, be it the history or the modern vibe of this place. To know more about Europe and its history you can also read our Europe travel guide.  

London is one of the most petite cities in England but covers a wide metropolitan area and is a home for millions of people. Its been the house of the royal family for generations. London attractions definitely has something to see or do with one of the worlds best art, entertainment, shopping, historic dining monuments that it’s difficult to get bored of. And if you love wine tasting then in Europe you can find number of places where wines are created and to know more about it you can have a look on our 6 wine tasting tours article

So, here is the list of TOP 12 London attractions that we have commissariat just for you guys so that you don’t miss these historic places.

1. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the royal family’s home, and the official administrative headquarter of the monarchs situated in the city of Westminster. It was built in 1837 and has been the residence from the time of queen victoria. The palace has an exquisite ambience open for tourists when the queen is away. The 19 staterooms are available for the tourist to visit, and the London palace is also a scene for pomp and circumstance when you can see the guards’ duties followed by a band and precisive marching.

London attractions

2. British Museum

It is known for its trove of the world’s finest antiquities and architectural beauty. It exhibits artefacts from China, Babylonia, Assyria, Europe and so on. Still, the most famous are the Elgin marbles from the pantheon, the Egyptian mummies and the 4th-century Roman silver called Mildenhall treasure.

3. Warner Bros Studio

A journey to this studio will take you to a photographic exhibition of film making of harry potters on the first day at Hogwarts to the battle at Hogwarts .you can also enjoy the wizards drink of your choice. You can experience the technology and ride a broomstick. It is a place that gives you the experience of how storytelling comes to life.

London attractions

4. The London Eye

A rotating observation wheel with 32 high tech glass capsules gives you a 360° view of London from 443 ft. You can spot some of the landmarks like Big Ben, the house of parliament, Buckingham Palace. Each capsule is with a guide, and the gradual rotation of each capsule takes around 30 mins to give you a perspective of the ever-changing view of London.

5. The View from Shard

The shard is one of the tallest towers of London, a glassy structured pyramid heading towards the striking skyline of London, reaching a height of 244 metres from the ground. This structure keeps everything in mind the offices, homes, restaurants, hotels and bars, and the alluring viewing platform. The public is allowed access from 69 to 72 floors to get a 360-degree view of London city. The building has a lift to take you to 72 floors, and the view from here can stretch upto 40 miles.

On the 72nd floor Skydeck, you have a touchscreen telescope to let you see the details of the view—one of the most highly rated London attractions that you should include in your list.

London attractions

6. Tower of London

A towering fortress of the eleventh century is one of the most well known historical London attractions. This fort holds the quite fearful history of being a prison. Around 900 years ago, the prisoners went through a hell of torture; They kept the beasts in the fort-like king johns lion and henry III’s leopard, bear, elephant. And not everything is so wrong about this place where you can sight queen victoria’s crown and jewels and the royal armoury.

7. Westminister Abbey

Westminster Abbey is where you can see the tombs and memorials of famous figures from history. Benedictine monks built it in 960 A.D.Around 17 monarchs are buried here, along with some well-known celebs like darwin, Dickens, Hardy. It has witnessed 16 royal weddings that have taken place, and all the British coronations take place at Westminster.

8. Madame Tussaud

It was Mary Tussauds in 1802 who debuted her waxwork in the capital. After 32 years, in 1884, she set up her roots at Marylebone road.
Mary Tussaud passed away in 1850, but her legacy went on to live.
This Tussaud’s museum has around 300 life-like figures from music, fashion, royalty, history, movies, etc.

There are so many models to name. Some are Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, star wars, hunger games, ET, Einstein, Dickens, Charlie Chaplin, Rihanna madonna, trump. It’s quite a lively place rather than being a place of dummies.

9. st. Pauls cathedral.

This cathedral is an architectural marvel designed by Christopher wren.

This cathedral is supposed to be the sixth version. As versions, three and five were raged down to the ground by the great fire in London. Also, version four fell to ruins.

This wren design has survived two world wars and 12 monarchs and remains a place of worship and high profile weddings and funerals.

Christopher Wren, Admiral Lord Nelson, and Duke Wellington were buried in St. Paul’s cathedral crypt. Flowers and trees surround the grounds, and the visitors can sit out in the sun and rejoice in nature and wildlife.

10. Tower Bridge

It is considered a miracle of Victorian engineering, and they transformed it with an electro-hydraulic system installed. However, you can still see old steam engines inside the engine room. You can access the walkways, and the bridge lifts overhead and enjoy the view of the Thames.

11. The British Film Institute

The British Film Institute. All the film lovers would love to see this place.

It is on the south bank, a perfect place to relax to exhilarate the culture and atmosphere of London’s most famous and well-known city.

The BFI shows movies every day, from mainstream blockbusters to cult classics to Bollywood movies. The BFI also has a restaurant and a bar where food lovers and movie lovers can discuss their favourite Movies. The BFI also has a library for movie lovers to shop their fav. Collections.

12. Oxford Street

Oxford Street in London is one of the busiest and well-known shopping streets with around 400 shops. They are showcasing designer brands and internationally famous stores where you can shop till you drop. The window displays happen by acclaimed artists showcasing intricate and beautiful features that change with the season and are bound to attract tourists.

Oxford street gets illuminated with lights during Christmas Eve and adds glitter to your evening shopping.


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