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6 Best Wine Tasting Tours Experiences Around the World

Wine is a unique cocktail delighted in by individuals from all over the world. There are a wide range of types and kinds of wine and a large number of brands accessible on the lookout. Wine sampling is the speciality of tasting different sorts of wines and having the option to differentiate between them. A Wine Taster searches for contrasts in the additional variables related to a wine like its tone, shade, smell, acidity, pleasantness and so on.
So, if you are one of those who love to experience a wine tasting tour and have some of the best wines in the world, we have selected a few wine tours that you surely can’t miss.

1. Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany allows a couple of eminent opportunities to discover why its wines are so worthy – through-composed wine visits, wine sampling and winery visits. If you’re a specialist, no outing to Tuscany would be finished without experiencing one of its world-famous local wines. The genuine excellence is you can find Tuscany and its wines all alone, astonishing by a vast number in the four corners of the region, to discover the blend of grapes, or even only the “look” of the wine that suits the best to your taste buds. Chianti is seemingly the most notable, and the Chianti region is perhaps the most wonderful in Tuscany. Tasting scenes in Tuscany range from natural farmhouses to middle age palaces.

2. The Douro Valley, Portugal

Customary landholders have been creating wine in the Douro Valley for around 2,000 years. A long history of viticulture has brought about a dazzling social scenario here, with lots of grape plantations covering the slopes beside the Douro River. The valley is generally renowned for its port wine, which has been the area’s primary item since the eighteenth century which turned out to be a must-try for every visitor. You can undoubtedly go through a day here discovering culinary joys of Portugal’s Douro Valley that acquaints you with regional wines. You’ll find out about the historical backdrop of port wine as you visit three wine makers going from little family tasks to huge brands. Appreciate wine tasting varieties in addition to lunch.

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3. Mendoza, Argentina

Situated on the edge of the Andes Mountains, Mendoza produces about 70% of the nation’s wine each year. It is considered the wine capital of Argentina. The most popular of Mendoza’s wines is the outstanding Malbec. Mendoza is the city of unlimited grape plantations and wineries that supply the entire of Argentina with excellent Malbec. While experiencing wine tasting and having wine tours in Mendoza, you will be offered the opportunity to sip a glass of wine while enjoying an astonishing view of the tall Andes.

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4. Santorini, Greece

Santorini’s wine was well known across the Mediterranean in old occasions and is traded all throughout the planet today. There is a long history of wine production on the island. Due to its volcanic soil and miniature environment of Santorini, the island’s wines have an extraordinary taste. Nychteri, Vinsanto and Mezzo are a few of the varieties found in Santorini’s cafés. Furthermore, most wineries are situated in the southern and central pieces of the island. There’s no better way of wine tasting than sipping a glass of wine while watching out for one of Santorini’s famous sunsets. You can explore the region’s vineyards by planning an organized trip, or even an individual is also a great option.

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5. Bordeaux, France

There are endless and different opportunities for wine tasting and tours in Bordeaux. A few bars and wine shops offer such experiences that permit you to find diverse wine epithets and learn about the development and creation process. Here you can appreciate perhaps the best wines on the planet in the memorable Châteaus of Medoc, explore the vineyards around Saint Emilion or visit La cité du Vin museum with your family to find the historical backdrop of wine civilization. You can even enjoy the Bordeaux Wine Festival here.

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6. Yarra Valley, Australia

One of the city’s favourite weekend getaways, Yarra Valley is loaded with more than 80 wineries, brilliant accommodation options and superb eateries offering fresh local food. Australia’s Yarra Valley is home to a wealth of wine cultivators. Due to the relaxed environment, this region becomes fruitful for delivering wines like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The wine tour will take you to four Yarra Valley wineries: Punt Road, the Balgownie Estate, Yering Farm, and Domaine Chandon. The last is the Australian creation place of Moët and Chandon, the ideal spot to find out about the wine production measure with a glass of effervescent.

Yarra Valley, Australia
Source: Globe Guide

Why do we taste wine?

The longer the wine is fermented, the more enhanced the taste. Thus keep in mind that you can find out a lot about it just by the smell and taste. Taste is the result of how our mouth interacts with the wine we’re drinking. It’s split into two major sensory groups: ‘taste’ and the other called ‘mouthfeel’. The ‘taste’ is a result of our taste buds interacting with the wine. Taste buds are those tiny nodules that sit all around our tongues.

How to taste wine?

There are four golden rules to taste wine to get the most of the experience. Also, remember that there is no right or wrong way to savour the taste of wine. These methods are tested to bring you the best taste of whatever wine you are having. It goes like this:

  • Look
  • Swirl
  • Smell
  • Sip

It is all about getting all your senses on one thing, and that is WINE!

We hope this helped your “best wines in the world” curiosity while making travel plans. Let us know your favourite vineyards and places you have visited—comment on what else you would like to read on.

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